Night Ghosts project

We are launching the Night Ghosts project to help our fighters become a nightmare for the enemy. Our friends from the U.S. are ready to help us with the purchase and organize logistics to Ukraine, but we can't make it without your help.
With the beginning of the full-scale war, the whole world learned what the strength of spirit and power of AZOV is. Everyone knows about the feat of the Mariupol garrison.

​The SOF AZOV unit is currently performing tasks in the south-eastern direction. The greatest goal of the unit's fighters is to show their sworn brothers, who will definitely return to Ukraine from captivity, that they did not waste time and continued to drive the enemy from our land.

They are already successfully destroying the enemy, but they can do it much more effectively with your help.

$600,000 - the total cost of the batch of night vision devices and laser designators

150 - fighters will be provided with the necessary equipment

You can join in any convenient way:

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